2 game losing streak …

Quick blog tonight because I’m tired and in a lot of pain… yeah… fell off the back of a flat bed truck last night while unloading a heavy hutch (we’re moving) and so the left side of my body is still pretty pissed off at me right now. I didn’t want to get in the habit of going 2 days without updating, however, so I’ll just say that tonight the Dodgers lost their second straight to Houston and pitcher Wandy Rodriguez.

What kind of a name is that anyway? Wandy? Well… I actually have him on my fantasy team and tonight was the first night that I had a conflict in rooting tendency… I wanted Wandy to score me some points because my league lead is in jeopardy but I’m a Dodger fan above all else and I wanted to see my team win (of course). So going into the game I guess I was hoping for a 1-0 Dodger victory where both pitchers pitch well… obviously as Odalis started giving up runs I realized that wasn’t going to happen, unfortunately, but I ended up doing pretty good with Wandy. Man he’s off to quite a start. Who would have thought… Wandy!? Who needs Rodger when you have Wandy??? That’s what I’m sure Houston is thinking (well… I’m sure they’d like to have both, but let’s just pretend).

No minor league scores tonight. Sorry but I’m too tired and sore. What I can mention though is that Hot Shot #1 Prospect for the D-Rays Delmon Young THREW HIS BAT and hit an umpire after being ejected for being an *** and staring him down after a called third strike that he disagreed with. What a seriously immature and lame thing that is to do… I don’t care who you are or how coveted you are as an up and coming star. That is REPREHENSIBLE Delmon, and this blogger calls *** on you. I hope you actually learn some kind of lesson from this as I’m sure you’ll be punished severely. Geez it even made ESPN.com headline news on a fairly busy sports night… and you’re a minor leaguer! Takes a lot to do that.

Well that’s it. The Laker’s beat the Suns tonight… go them. I’m sore, and I’m out.


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