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The Dodgers moved to 3 games above .500 for the first time this season today, and I have to say that things are looking up for the boys in Blue. They’re getting contributions from 1-9 in the order, and suprisingly the rookies are doing a lot of the talking with their bats. Nomar is looking like his old self and is contributing with clutch hits nearly every night.
The Dodgers destroyed the Angels last night, with a 25-hit outburst, the most ever in their Los Angeles history. If that wasn’t incredible enough, it was highlighted with Andre Ethier’s first major league 5-hit game. Some players go their entire career without ever having a 5-hit game, but Ethier can say that he’s done it before he even got his feet wet.

Willy Aybar hit a clutch 3-run homerun in today’s game, and the Dodgers beat the Angels 8-4… they are now 23-20 and are in 3rd place, 1.5 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The NL West definitely looks like it’s going to be a tight division again this year. I’ve always said that the Dodgers have a good chance of winning the division if they just stay healthy. Well, they’ve obviously not stayed healthy up until this point in the season yet it still looks like they can be considered serious contenders. We’ll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out injury wise.

Let’s get the Angels tomorrow and call it a sweep!


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    Hi DODGERS buddies and honeys I am new to this post or site what ever you want to call it. I think I kind of got this whole winning streak going for our boys in blue hear me out not taking the whole credit but I have something to do with it you see I had been dying to go to a DODGER game since opening day it never happen I promise to myself that I had to be there I needed to be there something I needed to do for my cousin MIKEY who passed away in Janurary my closes cousin that meant the world to me you know what I mean so anyways I owed it to him to be there opening day he was a huge i mean huge DODGER FAN born in that magical year of 81 you remember that year we won it all so it couldnt have been a better story then the one I’m going to tell you like a movie that we see and say to ourshelfs I living that life wright now. Because I am it feels like a movie because you see. First I lost my Grandma in December of 05 then the next month I lose my roll dog I always called him Big Prem Big Mike even though he was way younger then me you I was first to be born then seven years later he came his mom my aunt was like a mom always wanted to be spending the night every night. And I did I loved him like a brother he was matter of fact. When my grandma past he took it real hard hard as it gets drinking hard core achol,Drugs I was told then next thing you know hes the next one to go. A couple of weeks before he passed away I went to my grandmas house because thats where they all stayed it was hard to step foot knowing that she was not there no more so I went up to his room and told him whats up hows he doing he said alright always told me that so I walk out went to my grandmas room and just was stuck like stupid couldnt move nor even think straight I had to get out of there it was not the same so I left so quick I did not say goodbye to him let alone the family. A week few weeks later I was doing something when I get a call from my aunt didnt bother answering it nor call her back to see whats she wanted it was a saturday night I remember that cause it was the next night I got a phone call from my dad about 4 in the morning funny cause I never get a call from him that early in the morning I answer it. He told me that Mikey had stop breathing and they were taking him to Lakewood regional I bounce up like the apartment was on fire jump in my car and speed my *** to Long Beach as I was getting off the exit I got a call from my aunt telling me hes gone all of long I was telling my self hes going to make it hes big and tuff **** be alright but I guess I was wrong. I’m sorry that this is a sad song but I really have no one to listen and here me cry. I cry every Sunday night for him I cant seem to stop. But anyways let me get back to why this winning streak has to do with me and my cuzz. You see I finally made it to a game and I happen to pick just the right one because it was sold out bobble head night Steve Gravey so for it being sold out I was not gonna go back home I bought these tixs from people standing out with one of those sing saying I need tixs I pulled up to this one Afranican American gent and told him how much for three he said 160. 160 for some dam 14 dollar tixt your crazy I was to cause I ended up paying 100 for three but you see when your a die hard fan it does not even care. You think we get to the gate way up in the sky you know where and as I give my tix to the tixt guy he scans it and says that these tix are no good man I was **** he told me to go to the tix box office to see what was wrong so I did they check them and told me that they had been refunded back to the customers account man I was heated I wanted to go back and look for the fool but check this out the tix ladies made a call to see if those seats were taken and they were not gave us new tix and went on in dope my cousin was looking down on us. Keeping us safe so where finally in DODGERS are winning 4 to 1 we get to our seats and izturis hits a home room 5 to 1 they juat keep pouring it on final score 13 to 1 DODGERS won there first game of what was to be one of there longest winning streak for some time Before I left the ballpark I went to used the restroom I ahd with me one of his memorial fliers that we gave out with directions where we were going to lay him to rest. I took it to the game with me and I left it behind a picture so that way he could be there giving them good luck because baseball is all about being supertious hope I spelled it right thanks for those that took time to have read this and go DODGER BLUE lets win the divison the the pennet and then the world seris lets go BLUE hope to hear from those who read this post see you at Chavez.

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