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It has been a week, Dodgers have won 4 straight

Well I’ve taken over a week off of blogging to move twice in the last 10 days and I finally have my computer set up in our new place and can return to my Internet life.

It’s amazing how much has changed with the Dodgers since I last wrote. 3 of the 6 Dodger minor leaguers that I had spent a great deal talking about have now made it to the major league club – Jonathan Broxton, Andre Ethier, and most recently Russell Martin. They all have contributed since they’ve been with the team, and most recently they ALL contributed significantly in last night’s 12-6 pounding of the Houston Astros. It sure is great to see these young players finally getting the chance at the big league level and making an immediate impact.

Nomar Garciaparra has been a gift for the Dodgers – he’s playing great, both defensively and offensively, and has single handedly kept us in close ballgames, with 2 game winning hits in the last week.

There are trade rumors that the Dodgers are looking into possibly trading Odalis Perez to the Mets or another team since they see to have more starting pitchers than they can handle. Most people agree Aaron Sele is not going anywhere after winning the PCL Player of the Month award and being called up to the Dodgers and having a very solid first outing, and there is always Chad Billingsley down in AAA Vegas who is just waiting to burst on the scene. I welcome trading Odalis if we can make a good deal that would benefit us in other ways.

Well that’s it for now, more regular blogging to continue.


2 game losing streak …

Quick blog tonight because I’m tired and in a lot of pain… yeah… fell off the back of a flat bed truck last night while unloading a heavy hutch (we’re moving) and so the left side of my body is still pretty pissed off at me right now. I didn’t want to get in the habit of going 2 days without updating, however, so I’ll just say that tonight the Dodgers lost their second straight to Houston and pitcher Wandy Rodriguez.

What kind of a name is that anyway? Wandy? Well… I actually have him on my fantasy team and tonight was the first night that I had a conflict in rooting tendency… I wanted Wandy to score me some points because my league lead is in jeopardy but I’m a Dodger fan above all else and I wanted to see my team win (of course). So going into the game I guess I was hoping for a 1-0 Dodger victory where both pitchers pitch well… obviously as Odalis started giving up runs I realized that wasn’t going to happen, unfortunately, but I ended up doing pretty good with Wandy. Man he’s off to quite a start. Who would have thought… Wandy!? Who needs Rodger when you have Wandy??? That’s what I’m sure Houston is thinking (well… I’m sure they’d like to have both, but let’s just pretend).

No minor league scores tonight. Sorry but I’m too tired and sore. What I can mention though is that Hot Shot #1 Prospect for the D-Rays Delmon Young THREW HIS BAT and hit an umpire after being ejected for being an *** and staring him down after a called third strike that he disagreed with. What a seriously immature and lame thing that is to do… I don’t care who you are or how coveted you are as an up and coming star. That is REPREHENSIBLE Delmon, and this blogger calls *** on you. I hope you actually learn some kind of lesson from this as I’m sure you’ll be punished severely. Geez it even made ESPN.com headline news on a fairly busy sports night… and you’re a minor leaguer! Takes a lot to do that.

Well that’s it. The Laker’s beat the Suns tonight… go them. I’m sore, and I’m out.

Inaugural Dodger Daily Blog

Another day, another blog… for me at least. This blog, as you can tell by it’s name, color scheme, and Internet location, is going to be entirely dedicated and related to the Los Angeles Dodgers, with a special emphasis on the great farm system the Dodgers have. Enough with the pleasantries, I’m going to get to the meat of the first post…

As I write, the Dodgers are mired in their first offensive slump of the year. Yes, it has only been 4 games since their bats have gone quiet, but as a Dodger fan it doesn’t look good. In their last 4 games they’ve managed only 5 runs on 17 hits… that’s just 5 runs in 36 innings. This was quite a departure from the way the Dodger’s offense had been powerfully running along–they had just returned home from a 7 days road trip that saw them score 6.6 runs per game… and I mean they were banging them out. I’m not quite ready to throw up the white flags just yet and concede the division, however what we saw in the last 4 home games cannot please the Dodger fan. After seemingly scoring at will they’ve looked lost at the plate… and their recent inability to drive in runners in scoring position is also alarming. We’ll have to just watch and see if their bats come alive during the rest of this homestand.

In better news, the Dodger’s farm system is thriving, as many of you know… and our top prospects are out to a ferocious start. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers entering today (4/18/06).

According to Baseball America, the top 5 Dodger prospects are, in this order:

1. Chad Billingsley, rhp
2. Andy LaRoche, 3b
3. Joel Guzman, ss/3b
4. Russell Martin, c
5. Jonathan Broxton, rhp

4 of the 5 prospects are currently playing with the Las Vegas 51’s, with Andy LaRoche being the only player still with the Jacksonville Suns. Here are their current stats:

1. Chad Billingsley
W-2  L-0  ERA-2.93 G-3  GS-3  IP-15.1  H-12  R-6  ER-5  HR-2  BB-7  SO-19  WHIP-1.24

2. Andy LaRoche
G-11  AB-39  R-4  H-10  2B-2  3B-0  HR-0  RBI-5  BB-10  SO-5  SB-0  CS-0  E-NA AVG-.256  OBP-.420  SLG-.308  OPS-NA

3. Joel Guzman
G-12  AB-47  R-7  H-14  2B-2  3B-0  HR-2  RBI-10  BB-0  SO-14  SB-1  CS-0  AVG-.298  OBP-.306  SLG-.468  OPS-.774

4. Russell Martin
G-9  AB-31 R-7  H-10  2B-5  3B-0  HR-0  RBI-5  BB-4  SO-6  SB-0  CS-0  AVG-.323  OBP-.389  SLG-.484  OPS-.873

5.Jonathan Broxton
W-1  L-0  ERA-0.00 G-5  GS-0  SV-2  IP-5  H-3  R-0  ER-0  HR-0  BB-1  SO-9  WHIP-0.80

I have added the color and the bold for emphasis – I’ll be doing this throughout the blog. BLUE means I am highlighting a positive stat and RED means I am highlighting a negative stat, or at least in this case something alarming.

I am very excited about the future of all of these Dodger prospects but especially Joel Guzman, however his 14 strikeouts to 0 walks is a little worrisome. I won’t harp on him too bad though… he is a young hitter and I’m sure the thinking is that he’ll gain plate discipline as he grows and matures in the pro leagues. He does have tremendous power, however, and I think he’s one of the brightest hitters shining in the minors today. I can’t wait to get a look at him on the Dodgers… maybe it will be later this year? Who knows. I’m not desperate to want to rush any of these players into the majors, however if things keep going the way they have been for the Dodgers injury-wise, it’s probably we might see most of these players before the year is up. As for now, I’ll keep tracking their minor league stats and continue to report on them as I see fit.

Both pitchers have gotten out to a tremendous start. Billingsley is looking very sharp and he has the stats to back it up. 19 strike outs to only 7 walks is nice to see, as is the ERA under 3. Broxton is looking equally dominant, with only 3 hits allowed in 5 games (5 IP total) and 9 strike outs to only 1 walk. We’ll see how long he can go without allowing an earned run.

Andy LaRoche is the only player that is off to a slow start, but again I must reiterate that it he’s only had 39 plate appearances in this young season. His 10 walks to 5 strikeouts is nice to see as his OBP is higher than Guzman and Martin despite his average only being at .256.

Russell Martin is off to a fast start and he’s hitting for average with the highest OPS of the bunch. Not bad for the Dodgers’ best defensive catcher in the organization (according to Baseball America).

Well that’s it for my first blog entry. Hopefully you enjoyed it somewhat. If you are reading this feel free to leave me some feedback/comments/criticism and join the discussion. Peace, and go BLUE!